1st Annual EMF Workhorse 5K – Results

Thanks to everyone who participated in the 1st annual EMF Workhorse 5K on Sunday May 22 at Lake Phalen in Saint Paul! We had fantastic weather, top-notch volunteers, and a great turnout, making the event a huge success. Forty runners and walkers enjoyed the 80deg weather, abundant sunshine, and beautiful Lake Phalen scenery, all while supporting EMF and having a great time.

Thanks to everyone for making our first event an absolute blast!

Race results are posted below, and a link to the event photos posted on Facebook is here.

Wittnebel, Tony               0:29:39
Olson, Peter                      0:29:40
Olson, Reid                       0:29:48
Kennedy, Kelsey              0:30:23
Bergenheier, Brianna     0:31:19
Bergenheier, Hollins      0:31:19
Berg, Michael                   0:31:22
Martin, Jonathan            0:31:49
Strachota, Nick                0:32:26
Noll, A.J.                           0:33:57
Kennedy, Patricia           0:36:32
Jungels, Eric                    0:50:24
Swartz, Phil                      0:54:12
Merkel, Amanda             0:54:12
Merkel, Sean                    0:54:19
Merkel, Dallas                 0:54:19
Jungels, Eric                    0:54:46
Hancock, Adam              0:54:46
Jungels, Aurora              0:55:00
Johnson, Brigette          0:55:00
Jungels, Paul                   0:55:00
Newton, Kelly                 0:55:56
Newton, David                0:55:56
Berndt, Cindy                 0:57:40
Martin, Casey                 0:57:40
Martin, Max                   0:57:40
Rice, Abigale                  0:58:12
Bowers, Riley                 0:58:12
Rice, Miranda                 1:11:55
Rice, Tanya                     1:11:55
Buettner, Mary Jo         1:35:50
Merkel, Marie                1:36:07
Jungels, Lil                     1:36:07
Pierce, Tracy                  1:36:07
tudor, Robert                 1:45:45
Jungels, Carmen           1:45:58
Tudor, Nancy                 1:46:06
Wittnebel, Caitlin          DNS
Merkel, Kristin               DNS
Erickson, Matthew        DNS